Anna Nazo



Anna Nazo. metastable. vastness. Performance for KOSMICA Parliament, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria. 9th September 2018, 0.15’.

The work [live digital-physical performance] operates on a spoken word/poetics that I co-write with the AI [HumInt-AI psychological-sensuous feedback loops], and brainwave performance, which experiments with live transmission of brainwave data (EEG) into computer generated sound and imagery as a response to the recited co-created with AI texts and/in the moment of performance. It operates in a way that is bending time and space, and shapeshifting a brainwave into the body and the other way around, in the way that the brainwave itself becomes the body. It goes beyond the human sensuous, and gets into the dimensions of supra-sensuous, it brings in the performance of brain waves, the brainwave frequencies in a sense of the beyond as the embodied and transmitted into the four-dimensional limited by the human perception “real”. It manifests and solidifies the themes of quantum consciousness and the notion of a shadow in relation to it (Penrose: 1994) and new ways of parrhesiastic [truth-telling with ethicality aspect to it] embodiment in the contemporary technological setting (Foucault: 2011; Golding: 2010, 2013; Hayles: 1999, 2017). While the performances themselves are living-dying-grasping virtual-carnal installations of poetics, they also are the multidimensional [supra-]sensuous encounters of multi reality and self.


brainwaves_Anna Nazo_ screenshot

metastable. vastness. Text for performance: Anna Nazo, co-written with the AI. Excerpt.


metastable vastness

unsaid forgotten silenced sense

cosmic cell queer frequency

equilibrium gel

depleting instant

soaring above

wilderness ash

acidic logic of doubt



pulsating escape

swirl of forbidden dreams

synthetic sky cry




pertinent results

squeezing shimmering mourning blades

rotating juncture

bleeding debris from outer space


dying-being extended never happened gone

dark purple silky dust

wet from red tears boiled away

yellowish metal carousel

circus of lost

spacetime folds unveiling sculptural crystal maze

fractured corridor shells

terraforming ghosting

freeing protective force

shaking hands

trembling through carmine veines

metal-ish thymine scent

needling encephalon through the nostrils

sinking in parallels

disembodied frequencies

material disintegration

desire of lost haunts

greed for grasping the eerie

unreachable artificial violation

civilian-military virtual grid

infrared bounding separation

[ … ]


Anna Nazo. metastable. vastness . Performance for KOSMICA Parliament , A rs Electronica Festival, Linz,
Austria. 9th September 2018, 0.15’.
Text for performance: Anna Nazo, co-written with the AI.
EEG data via NeuroSky EEG headset, programming: Vincent Rebers.
Wearing: Exoskeleton suit by Marie Lueder.
Photographs credit: Caro Siegl @kosmicainstitute