Daniel Ambrosi

01MokeLake2_5x2x3m_AurD19dgcafx_dream_inc_3b_5x5-Det2 (1)

“Dreamscapes 4: Inceptionist Impressions” is my latest series of AI-augmented, computational photography-based, grand format landscape images. This series was specifically created as a 21st-century homage to the pioneers of Impressionism. The overall scenes themselves were composed to reflect choices representative of those often made by these artists, however the impressionist “brush strokes” (shown in the sample details exhibited here) are unlike anything a human painter of the 19th century would have executed. In this context, these artworks are firmly rooted in the 400-year history of landscape painting in the Western world, but significantly advance this tradition in ways that are both novel and relevant to our times. See complete collection, including the full scene Dreamscapes from which these details were extracted, at https://www.danielambrosi.com/Dreamscapes-4/

03MalaghansRd_5x2x3m_AurD19dgca2fx_dream_inc_3b_1x1-Det3 (1)

09Romeo_megoHDR36cr_dream_inc_3a_1x1-lum50-det4 (1)

10FillmoreGlen6_megoHDR45_dream_conv2_3x3_reduce-Det4 (1)