Paper demos

Natsumi Kato

DeepWear, a method using Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (DCGANs) for clothes designing.

Matthew Guzdial

Based on our prior work on learning level design models from video (“Game Level Generation from Gameplay Videos), we present a new level editor with an AI “assistant”. With this we hope to explore how AI can help both novice and expert level designers. In addition, we hope to produce insights into human-AI co-creation.

Anna Fuste

Paper Cubes is a DIY Augmented Reality (AR) Platform that uses paper cube patterns and an AR application to teach computational concepts such as Neural Networks in a simple and engaging manner. We present an AR representation of a Recurrent Neural Network in the form of stick figures that move in the user’s physical space and evolve over time. Paper Cubes serves as an example on how can we generate more interactive and engaging storytelling, gaming and learning experiences using Machine Learning.