dj beep code

Genesis (song), 2018, Taryn Southern and dj beep code

“Genesis” is a musical collaboration between Taryn Southern and DJ Beep Code that utilizes two different machine learning algorithms to create music stems. Violet & Gray created the stems with the open source software, “The Watson Beat,” edited, and mixed the stems into an original electronic dance track. Taryn then re-mixed some of the stems and instruments, wrote lyrics and recorded vocals to give the song a pop flair. Inspired by the current climate of hate and fear, “Genesis” is about the optimism that comes when you realize that everyday is a second chance.

You can hear Taryn’s album, I AM AI, that contains Genesis, on Spotify:

Aleph Null (album part 1 and part 2), 2018, dj beep code

Aleph Null is two hours of insightful, peaceful music, composed using the open source software “The Watson Beat”, edited and auralized, by dj beep code (Violet and Gray). Aleph Null, also the cardinality of the set of natural numbers, represents the countably infinite possibilities of creating digital music using artificial intelligence.

You can hear dj beep code’s first album, also written with machine learning algorithms, on YouTube here: