Mike Tyka

EONS (2019) is a short animation, a moving painting, a music video, a GANorama. An experiment in creating a narrative  arc using neural networks. EONS was created entirely using artificial neural nets: The Generative Adversarial Net BigGAN (Andrew Brock et al.) was used to create the visuals, while the Music was composed by Music Transformer (Anna Huang et al.).
The work aims to remind us of our short and myopic existence on this planet, our relationship with nature at geological timescales, which, despite all our accumulated scientific knowledge, remain emotionally incomprehensible to us.
Eons is pioneering a strong narrative basis and arc in the nascent field of neural net-generated art, which goes beyond abstract imagery and uses novel techniques to direct the flow  of neural network generated imagery together with synchronization to the generated music.

Video work Mike Tyka, Music by Anna Huang