Daniel Ambrosi

The Needle – Grand Scale “Two-Pass” Detail

Grand Scale “Multi-Pass” Dreamscape Details (2019) This new concept further investigates the possibilities of human-AI hybrid art by exploring multi-level “dreaming” effects. These works begin with a detail of one of my panoramic images to which multiple styles of neural network “hallucination” are applied at multiple scales. Unlike my previous “full scene” Dreamscapes, which appear completely photographic from a distance, these large works are clearly hallucinatory upon first impression, yet still contain intricate details that defy expectations.

See entire collection here: https://www.danielambrosi.com/Grand-Scale-Details/

The Needle – Grand Scale Detail (Close-Up) 
Ithaca Falls – Grand Scale “Two-Pass” Detail
Ithaca Falls – Grand Scale Detail (Close-Up)