Mario Klingemann


Hyperdimensional Attractions: Sirius A, 1-channel 4K video, 77 minutes, (2019).Google’s pretrained BigGAN model is one of the first “public” latent spaces and can be seen as an almost infinite universe that is full with images which are hidden until someone picks their high-dimensional z-vector and brings them back into our world. In this work I am less interested in the single images that can be found there, but rather in the journey through this space. In this triptychon three virtual “cameras” are orbiting around each other, attracted by their gravitational forces, following the example of the well-known “Three Body Problem”, only that in this case their trajectories are not in 3D-space but in 1128-dimensions. In the case of “Sirius A”, I have decided to place the start locations of the three cameras into BigGAN’s animal zone. Once the system is set in motion the animation just follows the physical rules of the algorithm and is out of my control.