Jana Sam and Alex Mordvintsev

Jana Sam, Alex Mordvintsev

“Neverending Story” music video represents an emerging trend of collaboration between human and AI creativity. Is was directed by Iana Sam and Alexander Mordvintsev, the artist duo working with Machine Intelligence. Alexander is also known as the creator of DeepDream.

The story unfolds through a series of paintings by Saint-Petersburg artists, which form the endless zooming vortex. Paintings are connected by psychedelic patterns, produced by AI reinterpreting them. The story is inspired by the atmosphere of Saint-Petersburg.

Image transitions produced by the custom algorithm, combining DeepDream with Neural Artistic Style Transform techniques. These methods rely on unexpected generative capabilities of neural networks, trained to solve image recognition tasks.

Music: Perforated Cerebral Party (aka Nekromongers) feat. Alice Virt (https://www.facebook.com/perforated.cerebral.party/)

Video: Jana Sam, Alex Mordvintsev (https://znah.net)
Featured artists:  Ilya Kreydun, Nikita Popov, Masha Trautvein, C Lo, Ivan Pokidyshev, Sasha Sandler, Christina Baranova, Daria Gorskaya.