Christian Mio Loclair | Waltz Binaire


Narciss is an artistic installation, investigating digital self exploration and conciousness. Using machine learning, the experiment explores its own physical body with a camera and expresses lyrical guesses about – what it thinks it is looking at. Therefor Narciss is a digital sculpture and its own audience, a synthetic model of self-awareness and a mirror to the fundament of human thinking.

Narciss is a computer, a naked motherboard with a camera, looking into a mirror. The computer continuously records camera images, and uses image to text algorithms to translate them into sentences. The Screen mounted to the back of the installation expresses insights into its view towards itself and its latest expressed phrases.

Advances in artificial intelligence enable algorithms to simulate sensations of human cognition. The corresponding convergence of man and machine challenges our self-portrait and pushes us to re-examine our raison d’etre. Particularly the ability of self-perception, can be understood as the foundation of our mental model. The epiphany of the discovery “i exist”, unlocked human nature to question,
research, design, pray and express. Therefore, Narciss sensational ability to narrate about itself is not exhibited to celebrate scientific revelations. It is a piece about the core of human existence and a poetic microscope into human nature.