Joanne Hastie


Machine Learning Curation (2018)

Artist Joanne Hastie is investigating using Machine Learning to increase the creativity in her fine art painting. In this series of work, Joanne was automating the ideation of abstract compositions.

She initially painted a set of 12 abstract shape sets by hand. Her code extracted these shapes from the painting and then randomly placed the shapes with new colors creating potential abstract compositions. Joanne used TensorFlow Image Classification (Inception v3) trained with her preferred abstract compositions to sort through and rank the hundreds of thousand ideas for abstract paintings. She then painted the preferred compositions by hand. After completing the painting, she titled each piece based on the untrained Inception Classification getting titles such as: Christmas Stocking, Mailbox and Bulletproof Vest. The painting was initially created for its aesthetic and originality that the artist wouldn’t have thought before and the title then gives the piece a new perspective and story.

More information about this project can be found here.

JoanneHastie-MachineLearning-Chirstmas Stocking

JoanneHastie-MachineLearning-Shipping Container