Vasily Betin

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Extinction (2020). ‘Homo Sapiens’ is the extinction machine. How many species we wipe out from the surface of the Earth. We hack the evolution with our scientific revolution and desire for power and a ‘better’ future.

This series started during the COVID time where I explore the ability of ML and the way to use it. GAN art became so ubiquitous that almost no place to hide from it. And I didn`t try. I agree that it became boring, but I want to try. The question of extinction and the human footprint on environment as much ubiquitous as this art model. That why I decided to used the result of our ‘desire for a better future’ to create these artifacts of never existed species. The mix of state of the art algorithms and hundred years old photo techniques give an interesting result that doesn`t try to ‘fake’ the experience as digital product but have this analog and real imprint on the history.

Technique: 4×5` film, ML, light