Paola Torres Núñez del Prado

“The Time of Man” Abum by AIELSON. Machine Intelligence is an innovation that is already reshaping art and society in general, thus, the decolonization of its algorithms becomes imperative, so not to reproduce the ethnic and cultural biases that prevail in contemporary society. By using a pre-trained Transformer-based language model (GPT-2) re-trained with poetry in Spanish, fine-tuned to examples of South American poetry, and then using this output to feed a text-to-speech synthesis system (Tacotron 2 + Waveglow trained on an Argentinean voice data set and then on voice examples by Peruvian poet Jorge Eduardo Eielson), I came up with a selection of spoken-word poems in a distinctly Latin American voice that ended up printed on a set of 4 7” lathe cut stereo vinyls albums.