Sean Farrell

Good Luck Lois (2020) This track and accompanying video is part of my new project “Greased Beets”, on which I have continued my approach where I mix AI generated components with my own composition and playing. A thread of shared approach extends through to the accompanying video, in that I blended the black and white frames with the same frames treated with an AI style transfer. This track is about plunging headlong into something that you think you understand, but when it is all said and done you realize you didn’t know the half of it. It’s the surreal feeling that exists when we stand on the precipice of a great shift, when we are free-falling headlong into A Great Change. Often, it is too late when the shift reveals itself to be for the worse, and in this moment especially, we find ourselves clinging to what was real to us before A Great Change washed it away.

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