Amber Frid-Jimenez

Je m’appelle Erik Satie comme tout le monde – My name is Erik Satie Like Everyone Else (2019) is the debut track of Extensive Aesthetics, an experimental studio directed by Amber Frid-Jimenez, with contributions from Azlen Elza. French composer Erik Satie is known for his alluringly dark piano compositions, but only a few know of his experimental eccentricities, which were formed in the Paris art scene in the late 19th Century. Satie spent his nights playing the piano at famous Le Chat Noir Café in Montmartre, where he met dada and surrealist artists and poets. It was in this milieu that Satie developed his love of repetition into his notion of ‘furniture music.’ Satie’s furniture music turned conventional ideas of listening on its head by placing musicians in the audience and asking them to listen to the ‘music as wallpaper,’ a concept unfamiliar to audiences at the time. Satie’s early inventiveness and embrace of the absurd shaped classical minimalism and set the stage for ambient music and experimental sonic installations to emerge a half a century later. Inspired by Satie’s connection to surrealism and his influence on minimalism, this track explores Satie’s oeuvre using an artificial neural network trained on selected recordings of Satie’s piano compositions. The result is a generative composition that slips between complexity and repetition, sending the listener into a constant state of distraction.