Holly Grimm

Magma Plume 305001 Year: 2019 (Original 2017)

“Subtle Bodies” is a series of AI-generated artworks that mimic my figurative watercolors. The figures were generated from my landscape paintings using image-to-image translation, thus finding the subtle body within the landscape.
My previous work with image-to-image translation involved modifying textures and art attributes, but lacked form modification. By using a new framework, U-GAT-IT, the model was able to make geometric changes to the form, such that the original landscape was unrecognizable in the new image.

U-GAT-IT by J. Kim et al (2019), is a modification of a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) for image-to-image translation on shapes as well as textures within the same model. It adds another layer from a CNN which weights the importance of each feature map.
I trained U-GAT-IT on two datasets: my abstract landscape paintings and watercolor life drawings. The resulting model was able to “extract” a figure from a landscape painting and apply a watercolor style.
AI Disclaimer: Although these images were created by an AI, the above text was wholly human sourced and does not necessarily reflect the AI’s opinion.

Big Tesuque 2 305001   Year: 2019 (Original 2014)
Perseus Rumble 305001   Year: 2019 (Original 2017)  
Loretto Morning 305001   Year: 2019 (Original 2016)