Yuma Kishi

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Studies of Collage of Paintings for Humanity (2020). A group of collages that used a face detector to detect faces in a medieval portrait painting, and then substituted the same parts of the painting with another representation while retaining the features using GAN.I have been very influenced by Kevin Kelly’s idea of “Alien intelligence” and have been making work that raises questions about humanity through the eyes of AI. I believe that medieval religious paintings were painted with the idea of how to make the content of the Bible appear realistic to many people, a kind of magic by people for people, so to speak. This collage work is a collage of medieval paintings in which the face is cropped using a face detector and replaced with another face while retaining the features using a GAN, and it raises questions about the bias of people and their desires and thoughts as seen through a different intelligence called AI, based on a sense of visual discomfort, and then it is used as a tool to create a collage. I’d like to.

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