meltem şahin

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sketches with+for+from ai (2020). These are sketches in which the artist is trying to understand her style, her works’ symbiotic relationship with machine learning, new world order, and her position in that order. The first animation on the left “Let go of the dead” is a starting point of all these shrines, pointed arched doors to other actualities, abstractions, and/or microcosms. They carry their heads almost like a baby, that shows that they lost their lives, a reality already, while they are moaning with a silent smile. It is the beginning of the “new not normal.” In the second one, the artist who created the first one, is trying to be like them by mimicking their actions with a poorly made head on her lap. The third one is one of the first children created by the machine learning algorithm of the first two beings, their movements are intriguing almost like a neonate’s fluttering. The fourth one is almost too predictable except for the graceful elongation on the neck. The fifth one is the child that is showing first and the second beings respectively and using only the data of the heads. The last one is ascending, almost leaving “new not normal” yet is coming back to where they started.