Lenka Hamosova & Pavol Rusnak


Strange Attractions (2019) are imagined creatures living in the latent space of the neural network StyleGAN. Instead of using it to generate photorealistic human faces, the authors challenge the algorithm and explore the area outside of its intended use. Strange Attractions rise from the neural network’s interrupted face generation process and reveal the network’s attempt to recall a human face. There comes an absolute bewilderedness from these neural encounters’ erratic beauty, vivid colors, and stunning composition. The hallucinated meta faces are carrying the strangest emotions. From quirky looks to abstract ghosts, Strange Attractions present a wide range of visual possibilities behind the process of image synthesis. The project underlines the importance of free artistic experimentation with ML/AI models and favors the deliberate imperfections and surprising abstractness of photo-realistic-oriented generative models.

Website (as a tribute to ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com): StrangeAttractions.xyz

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