Egor Kraft


Chinese Ink (2019). The installation turns to the traditional chinese ink wash painting technique. The work is not directed towards stylistic connotations, tradition or iconography, in focus is the ink itself and its ontology. A generative-adversarial neural network trained on several thousands of inkblots is directed to real time generate thousands inkblots a minute, unique in their algorithmic authenticity. The results are rendered via the means of electronic ink displays. The latter play a crucial role in conveying politics between visual and conceptual contents of the work.

Generative Installation Electronic ink screens, machine learning algorithms, custom liquid cooled server
Electronic ink screens playing real time video streamed via custom- coded software. Machine learning algorithm based on modified general adversarial network. Custom designed open frame wall mounted
6 server featuring high end GPUs for efficient neural network training and liquid cooled via ink died coolant. Dataset of about a 1000 of ink blots on watercolor paper produced by the artist.