Yunying Huang

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Algorithm Jamplifying (2019) is an interactive installation creating an iterative collaboration between A.I. and users. It imagines and develops new behavior and aesthetics evolving in Chinese pop culture. Social media platforms such as TikTok, Weibo and WeChat have become platforms, not only for expressing pop culture but also for building and fabricating it. And instead of benefitting its users, the AI algorithms are designed to aid the government and corporations. We are living in a bubble that AI selected for us, our imagination is trapped. Amplifying Jamplifying aims to provide an escape from that bubble. Users and cultural producers adopt A.I. algorithms as a new way to generate memes, videos, and aesthetics. After these generative content are shared on social platforms, they serve as a creative noise modifying the original algorithms on these platforms. They also become a creative inspiration for users to produce new content. In effect, the content becomes “jamplified”: Making, sharing, and consuming in this way amplifies the “noise” being injected on social platforms and users’ agency. By facilitating this collaboration with A.I., users are able to exert control over their presence on social platforms and create content that amplifies their desires, values, and creativity.