Hannu Töyrylä

Between the suns, 2019

To realise my personal artistic intent with the serendipitous potential of neural media. That’s what I am trying to achieve. My art has to reflect my personal experiences, I am not interested in autonomous art machines. I also like to keep everything small: small datasets, not too large prints, and a single GPU setup to keep carbon footprint under reasonable limits.

Where does the visual flavour of my GAN-based work come from? Maybe as a result of imperfections and alterations, both unintentional and deliberate, in the architecture and the training process. Balancing between overfitting and failing to train, the network is not able to reach perfect similarity, and somewhere within this middle ground elements from different images are seamlessly recombined. It is there I now look and find my own works.

City scenes and landscapes mean a lot to me. My life has been stretched between the urban environment of my everyday life and the surrounding nature. Urban views with an added element of emptiness and silence, perhaps. Likewise, expressive views based on places I have visited which have left an impact on me.

I have also used photos of various small household objects have been transformed beyond recognition; what we see in such pictures comes from our own mind, while the setting with a blank background with shadows is preserved. My artistic work is suspended between abstraction and representation. I spent two weeks this summer in a countryside setting close to the unique Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, taking photographs of the wild nature and close-ups of wooden walls with the paint peeling off. In the final works from this process I try to reflect both the mood of the place and the compactness of chamber music.

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An alley on Toompea, 2019
What you see #2, 2019
Expressions of Kuhmo #3, 2019