Ellen Pearlman


AIBO: An Emotionally Intelligent, Artificial Intelligent Brainwave Opera (2020) is an immersive, interactive love story about our infatuation and trust in artificial intelligence played out between a human character Eva, and AIBO, a custom built ‘sicko’ AI. 

Eva wears a body suit of light with her live time EEG brainwaves displayed as colors on her body, akin to an exterior nervous system. She intones a libretto about their love affair. Her brainwaves trigger databanks of videos and audio of emotionally themed memories.

Eva’s libretto is uploaded to the computing cloud and processed by the custom built ‘sicko’ AIBO, who responds to her entreaties. Its’ responses are analyzed by a separate AI for their synthesized emotional meaning, and this meaning launches separate different colored background lights, as well as ‘imperfect’ videos, as AIBO tries to imitate Eva’s emotions, but cannot. AIBO raises issues about a time when humans and machines potentially merge consciousness, and explores if AIs can create memory through databanks that emulate human emotion.”

Photo credit Taavet Jansen