Anna Nazo

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Flame 2.0 (2020) Performance for Entanglement: Just Gaming, RCA Visual Cultures Lecture Series, Royal College of Art, Zoom/ London, UK. 25th June 2020. 0.07’.
Flame 2.0 is a Zoom streamed 360 digital-physical AV performance presented by Anna Nazo’s avatar ‘α Phoenicis (Ankaa)’. The work involves spoken word poetry co-written with AI, sound and imagery that are computer generated (CGI) in real time from artist’s brainwave data (EEG), and drone performance. Using a 360 degree imaging archive, the work engages in a live conversation with its earlier iterations including Flame, a performance for Stay LIVE At Home programme, organised by Performistanbul, Live-streamed on Zoom and Instagram @annanazo, Istanbul, Turkey / London, UK, 3rd May 2020, 0.20’; and Undulation, a performance for So remember the liquid ground, a public program in a partnership between Gasworks & RCA CCA, curated by Benjamin Darby, Yoojin Kang, Akis Kokkinos, Angelina Li, Lenette Lua and Louise Nason, Artist Commission, Online/ London, UK, 15th June 2020, 0.20’.