Joshua Stanton

Artificial Intelligence video painting made with a combination of plug and play generative networks trained on an image set of my family photographs and neural style deep neural networks using my painting as the style image. I am researching the question how does AI impact painting? and Is collaboration between human and AI a future model for artist to adopt? In the age of information and digital culture are we better suited to collaborate with machines than other humans? and can this give us a new perspective? Producing new and novel artistic outcomes?

The artistic context for this work is aligning it with other current work that is being done in painting at this time. Such as the recent post analogue painting show that was in The Hole NYC and the idea posed a few years ago of Zombie Formalism. I am also using the theories of cybernetics (Gere) and reflective practice (Bolton) to help to understand the work i am doing with these networks.

Video Courtesy of Joshua Stanton